Selecting Living Room Design Rugs

Keep reading for 5 of our favorite kid friendly living room design ideas! First things first: when designing a kid-friendly living room (or even any room, for that matter), an accommodating, kid-sized rug is a necessity. Skip stiff silk and synthetic materials, which both stain easily and are notoriously expensive to clean afterward, and go instead for a natural or wool rug. Also keep in mind that rugs have been used as practical and functional furnishings for thousands of years, so don’t toss them out just yet. Even though you and your kids may not like the way they look, kids’ rugs can still be functional decorations, helping to define different areas and defining the ‘space’ between areas. (Of course, remember that some kids are very picky about their rugs…some would rather have a girly wallpaper border over their rug than anything else!)

Beni Ourain Rugs If you want to go with a traditional, vintage look, then you’re in luck – Beni Ourain rugs are available in both traditional designs and contemporary and modern designs. For a more affordable option, try looking for rugs inspired by Moroccan or traditional styles. Beni Ourain rugs have a unique geometric shape that makes them easy to match to existing furniture and colors – simply choose a matching base color or accent color and then choose a rug to compliment it. Beni Ourain rugs also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so even if you don’t want to go with a traditional design, you can still use a rug that matches a sofa, table, or other decor. (Just make sure it’s a size that will fit the sofa or other furniture.)

White Walls and White Furniture It may be time to turn your living room into a place of calm, tranquility, and peace – after all, white walls and white furniture speak of utmost peace and calm. A common misconception about white furniture and white walls is that they are cold and harsh. However, white surfaces can actually be warm and inviting if done correctly. (For example, the warm glow of a white lampshade against a white wall can be surprisingly evocative.)

Vinyl Coated Sofas Kids love to jump on couches, so it’s important to choose furniture that’s easy to clean and that resists kids’ climbing actions. Thankfully, most modern sofa sets and cushions feature durable fabrics that are kid-safe. Look for fabrics like polyester that resists dirt and provide easy cleaning. Also, look for furniture with rubber backing, so you don’t have to scrape the couch with a scissor and watch your kid’s toys fall off the sofa.

Coffee Table and End Table Coffee tables and end tables can also help create a more kid-friendly living room. The coffee table in particular is a great space saver, allowing you to free up floor space in your living room while giving your furniture a refined look. If you’re choosing a coffee table and end table set, look for matching chairs and lampshades to give your set a cohesive look. If possible, look for a coffee table and end table that have a mirrored finish so the pieces match. This works especially well if you have a glass coffee table; the reflection helps to reflect light, creating a lovely soft lighting effect that creates a cozy feeling.

The Right Flooring With living room designs, the floor is always going to be an important part of the room. But, don’t worry. Whether you choose a shaggy rug or a tasteful area rug, you’ll be able to find one that matches your color scheme and your furniture choice. Rugs in neutral colors go well with shaggy sofas and soft furnishings, while area rugs made from woven wool blends look nice with modern sofas and metal furniture.

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